Healthcare Communication and HIPAA Technology: It’s Time to Streamline

Healthcare Communication, HIPAA, and Technology

The healthcare industry is always at the forefront of the most groundbreaking technological breakthroughs. I’d put medical research and findings up there with tech giants like Elon Musk and Space X. There are advanced healthcare initiatives set to change the course of humanity such as genomic editing, synthetic heart hormones, and cutting-edge immunotherapies to treat cancer. Even with all these advancements in human medicine, healthcare offices still have some of the most archaic business practices.

Why is it that doctors and practitioners are still sending paper faxes, have stacks of paper records piled high in filing cabinets, and stay glued to an outdated corded telephone? It is especially odd noting the technological breakthroughs in medicine and the fact that the iPhone is basically a mini pocket-sized super computer. It all boils down to HIPAA technology compliance.

RingRx is here to help change this. We are 100% HIPAA compliant phone and e-fax system built exclusively for healthcare practices.

BioMed Central released a study showing that HIPAA-sensitive software improved physician-patient communication, streamlined patient care, and increased patient satisfaction. Over 90% of patients who completed the post-research survey reported “an improved hospital experience”. RingRx wants to make this kind of software and technology available for all medical practitioners by offering solutions like the RingRx mobile app to streamline communications, a cloud-based on-call system, easy to use calendar, and secure web faxing.

The right kind of communication technology that complies with HIPAA has insurmountable advantages for both small and large healthcare practices. It allows a doctor or physician to offer patients a better way to communicate and streamlines administration processes. Gone will be the days of paper faxes and clunky calendars. Doctors can now break free from the desk and take calls on their smartphone and use intuitive apps to collaborate with other doctors, pharmacies, facilities, and patients.

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