Cut The Cord On Outdated Healthcare Phone Systems

For medical offices that are still using outdated healthcare phone systems, a legacy system is more of a liability than an asset. Today, everything lives on the cloud and technology has been created and implemented to keep patient data secure and communications HIPAA compliant.

When it comes to new technology a lot of people and companies are change-adverse. It’s strange because technology has become so immersed in society and people seem comfortable enough upgrading their computers, smartphones, and tablets, but when it comes to office phones people are so comfortable with outdated technology that they resist anything new. People have access to revolutionary services and their first thoughts are often, “how can I take this high tech system and dumb it down to mimic the outdated system I am trying to get rid of”. So what does it mean to cut the cord on outdated phone systems and what benefits are in store?

What is so Special about VoIP?

Traditional phone systems often rely on legacy built phone lines. These are the copper lines that run down your walls and connect to telephone poles and across buildings. Now we have Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that has cut the need for the physical wire connection. This innovation has created a myriad of capabilities through cloud systems, mainly the ability to maintain the core capabilities of a traditional phone system without needing to be tied to a single location. An example is being able to access voicemails on your office phone via your smartphone. With VoIP there is the possibility to make communication more personable and easier to navigate all while improving the patient experience.

What are the Long-term Benefits of a Modern Phone System

VoIP systems, like RingRx, tie employees and patients together under one cohesive system. This is critical for doctors and healthcare practices as the pervasiveness of smartphones and new modes of communication continue to rise. Custom systems allow practices to add or remove features necessary to their unique needs. RingRx offers a way to build a phone system that can be scaled to meet the demands of your practice at any stage of its lifecycle.

Telecommunications is often the last office upgrade budgeted for and considered and many practitioners don’t realize that an outdated phone or fax system leaves them vulnerable for sensitive data leaks. Today tapping a copper line is much easier than breaking encryption.

A cloud based phone system also offers the potential for massive cost savings. Software has allowed VoIP providers to offer contract-less service and small costs compared to legacy systems. Think of your phone as a fluid piece of software than can be updated and customized to fit your needs – pay for what you use and not a penny more.

For medical offices that are still using outdated phone systems, a legacy system is more of a liability than an asset. Today, everything lives on the cloud and technology has been created and implemented to keep patient data secure and communications HIPAA compliant. RingRx signs a BAA with every customer and offers free installation, training, and no contract for as little as $25 per month. Free yourself from the shackles of the desk and cut the cord on your outdated office phone system today.

Click here to start your free trial of RingRx. Still not convinced? Check out this article, “7 Signs Your Phone Systems is Outdated”.

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