HIPAA Compliant Phone for Therapists: Make Every Call Count

Behavioral Therapists: Make Every Call Count

As a behavioral therapist your phone is the lifeline of your company. Our HIPAA compliant phone system for therapists is designed to help you keep in touch with patients, while giving you the freedom to leave your office and not worry about missing important calls from patients.

As a behavioral therapist your phone is the lifeline of your company. If you can say that all or even one of the below statements reflect the scenarios you find yourself in everyday it may be time to modernize your practice and enter the 21st century.

  1. You still rely on a traditional office phone
  2. You take calls from patients on your personal cell phone
  3. You frequently miss calls from patients when you’re away from the desk
  4. You are not getting the support you need from your current phone service

If you can raise your hand to any of the four items listed above, it is probably time you use a phone service that is not only HIPAA complaint, but gives you the freedom and flexibility to run your office more efficiently. At RingRx, we believe in work-life balance. Our cloud-based phone system is designed to help you keep in touch with patients, while giving you the freedom to leave your office and not worry about missing important calls from patients.

Here are some benefits you can enjoy by switching your phone system to something cloud-based like RingRx:

  1. Make and receive calls from anywhere, on any device
  2. Keep your current phone number(s)
  3. Send and receive faxes from anywhere
  4. View and play messages on your smartphone
  5. Nothing to plug in with no hardware to maintain
  6. Record personalized greetings
  7. Complete web access to review messages, send faxes, and manage your calendar

We believe that technology should work for you and that every phone call you make or receive is vital to your practice. As a therapist, you are frequently in sessions with patients. Outside of work you might be busy with kids, running errands, and attending to personal matters. If you are running a smaller practice without full-time staff you could very well be missing calls from patients and losing revenue for your practice.

RingRx can help you solve this dilemma with our mobile app. It is the perfect solution for a therapist who runs his or her own practice and has limited staff. The mobile app provides all the same features and functions of a desk phone system, but with smartphone convenience. You can access voice messages and return calls all within the app. Caller ID will show the number of your therapy practice, ensuring that private information about your personal number is secure. It is like having your entire office in your pocket.

Most modern telephone companies are not HIPAA compliant. Our HIPAA compliant phone for therapists is built from the ground up and we offer a signed BAA upon the start of service. If you are looking to switch phone providers, make sure you find one that understands the unique needs and nuances of your practice, including the ins-and-outs of HIPAA compliance. Your system should be designed by a team of healthcare leaders who have been on the frontlines of communication technology.

Still on the fence about a phone system switch? With RingRx, you can save 50% or more on your phone bill compared to a traditional landline. We are here to support you and offer the perfect balance between service, convenience, and cost. 90% of appointments and new patient relationships start with a phone call. Don’t miss out on a business opportunity because you are still using outdated, legacy phone systems that don’t allow you freedom and control.

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