HIPAA compliance is much more than simply securing patient files. It includes any kind of interaction that puts patient information out in the world whether it’s picking up a prescription or ensuring hard copies of patient records are seen only by authorized personnel.

A major element of HIPAA doesn’t happen in print; however, it happens over the telephone. Phone calls, video calls, and text messages are ideal ways to communicate with clients, offering both parties ease and convenience. However, many doctors are concerned these transmissions may not be compliant if they aren’t executed or stored properly (and they’re right). That’s why the RingRx doctor phone app is perfect for healthcare practitioners who care about HIPAA compliance. The system is specially made to be 100% compliant with HIPAA while offering a practice several other benefits.

Benefit #1: Patient Data is Secure

HIPAA compliant medical office phone systems with digital voice and video require more than simply ensuring unauthorized individuales don’t hear or see patient information. Information storage comes into play. The data must be locked down in a manner that does not allow it to be accessed by unintended parties or changed by anyone.

With RingRx doctor phone app, messages are encrypted with industry exacting specifications to prevent data breaches. Our compliance protocols confirm your data is always secure to the absolute highest standards. RingRx additionally helps guarantee patients are reached through the numbers they requested to receive calls—as required by HIPAA—since it is easy to embed those clickable numbers prominently on their records. We provide a signed business associate agreement (BAA) so you know your communications are always in full HIPAA compliance.

Benefit #2: Increase Practice Efficiencies

The right phone system can do more than just secure information, it can help a practice run smoother. Keep it simple in the office by letting the on-call calendar route calls to the right physician so calls get answered faster and without errors or lots of transferring. RingRx also lets you manage the after-hours system in a few short minutes each month. The calendar can even send you a reminder text when you have an upcoming shift. RingRx is truly creating innovations in healthcare communication.

Benefit #3: Return Calls from Anywhere

The RingRx system allows practices to track all messages and return calls promptly, which means happy patients. Physicians can use the mobile app from anywhere so they can make calls on the go or from home with the same audio quality they would experience in the office. Visual voicemail also allows doctors to tap on the list of calls and listen or use the transcription feature to read each call. The best part? You can return calls directly from the app.

While there are many cloud-based phone systems out there, the tailor-made system made expressly for healthcare is the best one. Doctors can rest well knowing their system is 100% HIPAA compliant and is the best way to serve and safeguard their patients. Start your free trial today or contact us for more information.