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RingRx elevates healthcare communication with its cloud-based VoIP platform, tailor-made for medical practices, hospitals, and therapists. Offering cost-effective, HIPAA-compliant phone, text, video, and fax solutions, RingRx ensures seamless patient interaction. Unique features like OnCall for after-hours service, Outreach for automated engagement, and AI-driven Privacy Defender for spam prevention set RingRx apart. Our user-friendly system integrates easily, enhancing patient care with no hidden costs.

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Our team is dedicated to healthcare. We have solutions for common pain points that other service providers will miss. We will provide you with outstanding support during the sales and onboarding process and continue to do so for as long as your customers remain on service.


RingRx is a solid service provider with an outstanding track record for delivering the highest quality communications solutions with the least downtime.


RingRx built its platform around the security demands of healthcare, including HIPAA compliance and patient information security. Each layer of our platform is secured with the highest available standards.

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