>>The RingRx voice, fax, text and on-call service adds AMiON’s scheduling calendar to improve how healthcare providers organize communication with on-call employees

SANTA BARBARA, CA – November 14, 2018 – Today RingRx, a leading provider of HIPAA-compliant phone systems and on-call solutions announces their new integration with AMiON physician scheduling software. The integration allows healthcare providers to manage on-call scheduling and call routing from one simple system while making it easy for patients and other providers to reach the right person right away.

With AMiON’s physician scheduling integration, RingRx looks to solve the perennial challenge healthcare providers in all types of practices, facilities, groups and specialties have – making it easy for a patient or other healthcare provider to reach the right on-call provider at the right time.

RingRx, the first business-class cloud-hosted communications platform developed exclusively for healthcare providers, offers an integrated communication system including voice, fax, text and on-call services. Their on-call system uses a digital calendar to schedule on-call responsibilities and routes calls to the right provider. This system offers improved mobility and a simplified workflow for healthcare professionals in the office or after hours, while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

“The biggest feedback we received from hospitals and other practices using our on-call system was the desire to manage all of their on-call scheduling through a single calendar,” said RingRx CEO, Doug Parent. “Partnering with the leading healthcare scheduling software AMiON was an easy decision.”

AMiON is a web-based software service that healthcare organizations use to manage work schedules for healthcare providers. Providers use a highly customizable and visual calendar to schedule shifts for staff throughout a calendar month. Templates, patterns, staffing rules and an auto-scheduler make it easy to convey work shifts to staff and let employers know who is on-duty at which location.

“We’re excited to partner with RingRx,” said Stuart Karon, President and Founder of AMiON. “Schedules play a huge role in hospital communication. Up-to-date on-call assignments in RingRx will help ensure messages get to the right person right away.”

The integration of RingRx and AMiON allows customers of RingRx to use their AMiON calendar to schedule on-call shifts in the RingRx system. This allows customers to provide a single phone number to employers to contact the on-call provider. While RingRx has a built-in calendar, integrating with AMiON physician scheduling allows customers to manage on-call schedules in real-time in a single service and eliminates duplicative work.  The end result adds significant value to customers of both companies.

Customers of both solutions will be able to connect RingRx to their AMiON account and automatically pull in on-call shifts to be used for the RingRx shifts. A customer only has to manage one calendar for both scheduling and an acute call routine.

“This integration represents a new way we are working to meet every need of our healthcare customers,” says Parent. “We will continue to listen to our customers’ feedback and look to integrate with software providers that share our goals.”

About RingRx

RingRx was created to end the persistent problems with medical office communications. RingRx offers custom cloud-based phone systems built exclusively for healthcare practices that are 100% HIPAA-compliant. Our ongoing goal is to develop easy-to-use tools that help healthcare providers improve patient care while reducing costs and errors. Learn more by visiting www.ringrx.com or follow on Twitter @RingRx.

About AMiON®

AMiON manages on-call and daily work schedules for over 250,000 physicians and other medical providers, from individual group practices to entire hospital systems. Physicians submit special requests and administrators use AMiON tools to build fair, equitable schedules. Schedules include integrated messaging via the AMiON App and through other vendors so switchboard staff can reach on-call physicians quickly and easily. To learn more about AMiON, please visit www.amion.com.