Being in business for yourself offers numerous benefits. You typically enjoy a little more flexibility in your schedule, achieve a level of complete autonomy and have creative freedom. 

Having your own medical practice means you get to decide how you choose to operate. You also have more control over the type of experience you offer patients. 

But, owning your own practice also comes with challenges, one of which is navigating increasing costs. Businesses, including healthcare provider organizations, are facing unprecedented expenses while trying to cut costs without negatively affecting patient care. 

The average overhead for today’s medical practice ranges from 60 to 70 percent, with annual expenses estimated at between $600,000 and $800,000. Why such substantially increased expenditures? Rising health insurance costs for employees, decreased reimbursement from third-party payers, and higher fees for third-party services like billing and documentation comprise some of the biggest drivers. 

Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses 

Cutting costs without negatively impacting patient care is possible. For example, suppose you are looking for a way to scale your business communication. In that case, voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems are much less expensive than traditional, analog-based phone services. 

Unlike traditional landlines that rely on outdated hardware and infrastructure, VoIP operates over the Internet, letting you communicate from any device with an Internet connection. That includes computers, phones and tablets. You don’t have to pay to upgrade hardware or contract for routine maintenance. 

Not only are all-in-one VoIP phone systems for healthcare cheaper than traditional phone services, but they also equip medical practices with numerous advanced calling and data storage features. Video calling, improved voice quality, eliminating long-distance calling fees, and 24/7 access to contacts and files are just a few examples. 

With RingRx, you can expect to save 50 percent or more than a traditional landline and 30 percent or more than competing services from cable and other VOIP providers. This significant cost saving is a testament to the efficiency and affordability of switching to a VoIP system designed specifically for healthcare needs.

Avoid Hidden Fees and Taxes 

Here is where it can get tricky for a practice owner or manager in the process of selecting a VoIP healthcare communication platform: transparent pricing. Unlike many services and products in the United States, pricing for healthcare technology solutions often needs to be clarified. 

It’s not unlike the lack of price transparency with which patients often are frustrated. Although the goal is to reduce healthcare costs and spur competition among providers by enabling patients to shop for healthcare services, not all medical practices adhere to it. That means they fail to offer real-time access to estimated out-of-pocket (OOP) costs, more straightforward comparison of healthcare products and services, better pre-procedure knowledge of prices and fees, more profitable revenue collection from a lack of surprise medical bills 

RingRx’s Promise of Transparent Pricing 

At RingRx, we believe that clarity in pricing and billing is a crucial part of what we offer our customers. That is why we offer fair pricing — without hidden fees and taxes. We also give our clients the most transparency into features and settings with the most control of the functionality of the system we customize for them. 

How do we achieve this? Our HIPAA-compliant, enterprise-class phone system lets you make unlimited calls and send unlimited faxes and texts without incurring fees. This helps medical practices like yours streamline communication, save money, and improve productivity while enhancing your patients’ experience. 

Unlimited calls, faxes, and texts also facilitate efficient and uninterrupted communication with your patients and throughout your practice, making it easy for your team to stay connected and productive securely — without worrying about exceeding usage limits or incurring extra charges. You can improve your office workflow and focus on growing your core business, not combing through billing statements to search for unexpected charges. 

Eliminate usage charges, save money and eliminate the hassle of tracking usage and managing costs associated with non-VoIP phone systems and services. Explore our transparent and affordable pricing plans, and start your complimentary 14-day trial today!