Prescribing Custom Solutions: Tailoring Your Healthcare Practice’s Communication Needs

What do a jewel-encrusted toilet seat, a Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet and a Valentine’s Day serenade by Kenny G have in common? These are just a few examples of extravagant customized gifts celebrities have given to their significant others. 

Customizing a product or service isn’t always possible, but it can make the offering much more helpful for the consumer. This is true in clothing, home décor…and communications technology. 

Healthcare technology rarely consists of a one-size-fits-all solution. Medical practices require a customized suite of solutions that optimize their workflows and enable operational efficiency. 

As a practice administrator or manager, you know communication is crucial for running a healthcare practice. It affects patient care and makes a big difference in the productivity of your staff. 

Implementing a costly and complex communication system is one of many ways to achieve effective communication. RingRx is a voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform, which means it uses the Internet to transmit voice data. This technology allows practices of any size to realize secure, streamlined healthcare communication. It is not only cost-effective but also easy to use and maintain. 

For example, RingRx customer Phoenix Billing Services, benefited from the VoIP capabilities of RingRx by effectively managing their communication needs through features such as fax management and the mobile app, which ensured the smooth operation of their billing services and contributed to their business growth.

RingRx Customization Capabilities 

We built our enterprise-quality, cloud-based phone system specifically for healthcare practices. We know that each practice — and patient — is different, so their communication needs vary. For example, a small, rural medical practice will most likely have preferences and requirements, unlike a large, multi-location medical group. 

By utilizing the services of a customized VoIP phone system, you can unlock numerous benefits. From the most significant—improved quality of care—to increased patient and staff satisfaction, decreased stress and burnout for physicians and other clinicians, and reduced cost of care. Staff teamwork and collaboration are enhanced, leading to a more positive patient experience. 

How can we make our HIPAA-compliant phone system perfectly suit your healthcare practice? We offer a range of features tailored to your specific communication needs. In this blog, we showcase some of the most popular ones, emphasizing how easy it is to customize them to your liking. 

Our customer, Cormendi Health, with its diverse team across multiple locations, utilized RingRx’s OnCall capabilities and phone tree functionality to ensure seamless internal communication and effective patient interactions. This demonstrates how customization can profoundly impact a practice’s operational success.

Call Routing 

This capability streamlines your practice’s communication flow by efficiently managing incoming calls. Call routing ensures patients can easily reach the right provider to handle their requests and route calls based on staff responsibilities.  

When call routing is used correctly, patients with urgent medical needs are quickly connected to live support staff. At the same time, those with routine questions are transferred to the team member who is best suited to answer them or the appropriate voicemail box. 


Our OnCall capabilities include a powerful calendar, profile and management system that enables each on-call provider to set a custom profile, ensuring calls are managed correctly while reducing administration headaches and patient delays. Our VoIP phone system also lets OnCall users specify what phone to call them and whether to keep the caller on the line or take a message. Providers can be notified when they receive a new message — by text or email — and when their scheduled shift is about to begin. The on-call management platform also automates connecting callers with after-hours providers using sophisticated customization features for fewer errors and a shortened response time.  

Browser-Based Video Calling 

Telehealth offers flexibility to providers, including those reporting high levels of burnout, by enabling them to conduct visits away from their offices when necessary. It allows them to see more patients in less time, resulting in increased reimbursement and patient satisfaction, and quickly and cost-effectively communicate with other physicians on patient care. 

With RingRx Video, patients can quickly join video calls through a web browser — without downloading or installing any application — reducing frustration and technical barriers. By facilitating remote appointments, this feature can help you reach more patients, including those in remote or underserved areas. 

Voicemail to Email 

Doctors and their staff are responsible for numerous tasks. This feature lets your team have the option to receive voicemails via email. Once you receive a notification of a voicemail, all you have to do is retrieve it and listen to it via our secure message portal. 

Menu Personalization 

Access to a simple menu that isn’t too time-consuming is essential for patient satisfaction. You don’t want them to choose from too many prompts or be routed to the wrong staff member. 

With RingRx, you can completely customize your call menu to reduce the time patients spend on the phone with you. This personalization also gives you the ability to present your practice better. Our customizable phone system also provides three easy ways to create or change your voicemail box greeting. 

Discover how to tailor your practice’s communications to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our customization options and see how you can enhance your healthcare services!