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RingRx App for HIPAA Compliant Mobile Devices

doctor to patient communication call routing

If you use a smartphone, web-fax or another digital device to transmit images or data, your system and the apps you use must meet  HIPAA compliance. How do you know if you are using HIPAA compliant mobile devices? or if your app or smartphone software is HIPAA compliant? You must ask your service provider. Not all […]

Hospital Hit with $3.3 Million fine for PHI Breach

Hospital Hit with $3.3 Million fine for PHI Breach

New York and Presbyterian Hospital have agreed to a $3.3 million fine for a PHI breach following an investigation by the Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Health and Human Services.  Details of the case are here. Some of the details and the amount of the fine are troubling for healthcare providers: a. […]