Case Study: Phoenix Billing Services

Healthcare professional evaluating services

RingRx and Phoenix Billing: Navigating a New Start in Healthcare Billing It can be tough to start your own business, especially when the opportunity comes unexpectedly and under challenging circumstances. For Michelle Bowen, the chance to finally step out on her own was welcome but not something she initiated or even planned for at the […]

Case Study: Cormendi Health

Photo of Dr. Stracks from Cormendi Health. RingRx Healthcare Customer.

RingRx Creates Holistic Solutions for a Holistic Practice Dr. John Stracks, after leaving his hospital-affiliated role, aimed to establish a medical office dedicated to holistic medicine. Because of Dr. Stracks’s personal journey through his own healing, he believed it was very important to bring a patient-centered approach to dealing with long-term conditions like chronic pain. […]

Is lack of standardization holding your practice back?

Group of doctors evaluating business plans

Sometimes it’s good to be different. If everyone and everything were the same, the world would be a boring place.  In healthcare, though, variances can cause problems, especially when technology is the focus. Just like you can’t assemble a product purchased from a well-known Swedish home goods manufacturer without the necessary components — and a […]

Setting Your Healthcare Practice Up for Sustained Growth

Team of doctors looking at tablet

Entrepreneurship continues to boom in the United States. An average of 4.4 million small businesses started annually in this country, bringing the overall number to approximately 33.2 million. But roughly 20 percent of new companies fail during the first two years of opening, and 45 percent shutter during the first five years.  Although medical practices […]

Navigating Hospital Acquisitions: Key Considerations for a Smooth Transition

Medical team shaking hands after merger

Over the past five years, hospital acquisitions of medical offices have been steadily on the rise, increasing by 9 percent each year. Today, more than one in four doctors’ offices are owned by hospital groups, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. While consolidation can provide additional resources and options for patient care […]