How many communications platforms does a healthcare organization need?

nurse managing multiple phone systems, needs to consolidate to one phone system

Your practice is growing by leaps and bounds. Congratulations! Now comes the hard(er) part: deciding which technology solutions will streamline your workflows and offer the scalability you need.  Does that mean you should invest in a new EHR or EMR system? Should you purchase software that enables you to provide the option of online appointment […]

Addressing the top 4 challenges of running a medical office

Managing a medical practice is no easy feat. In addition to providing healthcare services, there are a host of administrative tasks to consider, such as healthcare staffing and retention, business strategy, insurance processing, securing financing, staying up-to-date with regulations and technology, and enhancing the patient experience. These factors present an ongoing source of stress and […]

3 Easy-to-Implement Healthcare Business Best Practices for 2023

Have you filled your gas tank recently? Bought groceries? Paid your electric bill? Chances are you’ve noticed a similarity in all three activities: higher prices.  The United States’ current consumer price index (CPI), a measure of inflation, is at its highest level in nearly forty years. As of October 31, 2022, it’s 298.06, up from […]

CAHF: An Introspective Look Into Skilled Nursing Facilities

With its stylish hotels, golf courses, hot springs and mid-century-modern houses, Palm Springs is a great place to visit. It doesn’t hurt that the high temperatures in this southern California city rarely dip below 70°.  What brought me to this city in the Sonoran Desert this time, though, was the California Association of Health Facilities […]

5 Reasons Your Practice Needs a HIPAA-Compliant Phone System

The world is full of rules and regulations. Following speed limits, paying taxes, and not taking other people’s property are all laws by which we’re supposed to abide — or face punishment, either financially or criminally.  A key rule healthcare providers, payers, health information clearinghouses, and corresponding players must follow is keeping compliant with the […]