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Navigating the Complexities of HIPAA Compliance for Your Practice

When you work in healthcare, hearing about HIPAA is inevitable. There is a ton of information online about HIPAA, but finding information related to your business can be challenging as a small healthcare practice. Here are some HIPAA FAQs for smaller practices…  What is the HIPAA Privacy Rule? The HIPAA Privacy Rule dictates the proper […]

CAHF: An Introspective Look Into Skilled Nursing Facilities

With its stylish hotels, golf courses, hot springs and mid-century-modern houses, Palm Springs is a great place to visit. It doesn’t hurt that the high temperatures in this southern California city rarely dip below 70°.  What brought me to this city in the Sonoran Desert this time, though, was the California Association of Health Facilities […]

The Importance of HIPAA-compliant Voicemail Systems for Healthcare Providers

Remember when voicemail used to be the primary method for patients to communicate with healthcare providers? If the staff at a physician’s office was extremely busy, the patient would leave a message for the practice detailing his or her request. With the rapid adoption of two-way text messaging, email and other forms of electronic communication, […]

How Healthcare Providers Can Avoid Common HIPAA Errors

Medical errors are unavoidable. Sadly, these oversights sometimes result in tragic circumstances, as approximately 100,000 Americans die annually because of medical errors. As we mentioned in a previous blog, medical errors are a leading cause of death in the United States, costing the healthcare industry roughly $20 billion. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) […]