The Multiple Advantages of Healthcare Automation

HIPAA Compliant Phone System

The International Society of Automation defines automation as “the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services.” It’s being utilized across multiple industries, including healthcare. In addition to enabling healthcare providers to streamline multiple aspects of their business, it allows them to improve care, lower costs […]

RingRx’s Integration with AMiON Scheduling

Amion Scheduling

The process of “being on-call” is a universal challenge for healthcare providers of all kinds. Reaching the correct health professional outside of office hours is often hard to manage and takes time to master. Unfortunately, patient satisfaction and seamless inter-office communication is not the only thing at stake with this issue; lives literally are as […]

RingRx call routing and AMiON physician scheduling for On-Call Healthcare Providers

Amion physician scheduling

>>The RingRx voice, fax, text and on-call service adds AMiON’s scheduling calendar to improve how healthcare providers organize communication with on-call employees SANTA BARBARA, CA – November 14, 2018 – Today RingRx, a leading provider of HIPAA-compliant phone systems and on-call solutions announces their new integration with AMiON physician scheduling software. The integration allows healthcare […]