Making the Most of Your RingRx System

Prescribing Custom Solutions: Tailoring Your Healthcare Practice’s Communication Needs What do a jewel-encrusted toilet seat, a Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet and a Valentine’s Day serenade by Kenny G have in common? These are just a few examples of extravagant customized gifts celebrities have given to their significant others.  Customizing a product or service isn’t always […]

3 Key Tips for Customizing Your RingRx System

Having a product tailored to meet your specific preferences can be very beneficial. It allows you to configure it to fit your needs and function in a way that best meets your lifestyle. This is true for various technologies — even more, simple things like clothing. The process of customization and personalization isn’t always so […]

How to Create a Communication System That Works for You — And Your Practice

Doctor with phone and HIPAA Compliant VOIP app

Healthcare is the fastest-growing industry in the United States, employing over 18 million workers, including 938,966 active physicians and 45,000 psychiatrists, 81,000 psychologists, and 198,811 therapists in the mental health field.  Almost two million patients visit hospitals and clinics daily, expecting high-quality care and efficient and reliable communication. Strong provider-patient communication is essential for creating […]

5 Reasons Your Practice Needs a HIPAA-Compliant Phone System

The world is full of rules and regulations. Following speed limits, paying taxes, and not taking other people’s property are all laws by which we’re supposed to abide — or face punishment, either financially or criminally.  A key rule healthcare providers, payers, health information clearinghouses, and corresponding players must follow is keeping compliant with the […]