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Navigating the Complexities of HIPAA Compliance for Your Practice

When you work in healthcare, hearing about HIPAA is inevitable. There is a ton of information online about HIPAA, but finding information related to your business can be challenging as a small healthcare practice. Here are some HIPAA FAQs for smaller practices…  What is the HIPAA Privacy Rule? The HIPAA Privacy Rule dictates the proper […]

Telecommunications: Taking a Commanding Role in Healthcare

Telecommunications Taking a Commanding Role in Healthcare

It’s been almost 145 years since Alexander Graham Bell was granted his telephone patent and made the first-ever phone call. Without that invention, no one knows if or when telecommunications would be a part of our world. Telecommunications has become an essential part of the healthcare industry. Defined as the suite of technologies, devices, equipment, […]

How to Select a Phone System for Telehealthcare


When one cannot be in the same location as their patient, or when being able to see them is not absolutely necessary, the phone can be the most convenient means of providing certain services.   Clinicians’ phones are a key tool for telehealthcare to be able to offer direct patient care and collaborate with staff members.  […]